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Prerequisites for working with a patient receiving procedural sedation include management of airways including airway adjuncts and bag valve mask ventilation. These topics and activities can be reviewed. See Airway Management and Airway Management Scenarios.

There must be personnel with the capability of advanced resuscitation response (ACLS) available. Staff monitoring the patient require the ability to provide SpO2 monitoring and interpretation. Cardiac rhythm interpretation is used for the patient with significant cardiovascular disease.

Learning Objectives

After successfully completing this topic, you will:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of clinical monitoring required during procedural sedation
  • Be familiar with clinical pharmacology of agents used to provide procedural sedation
  • Be familiar with clinical pharmacology of antagonist to agent used
  • Recognize complications associated with procedural sedation
  • Know when to summon assistance from individuals with the necessary skills if the level of sedation progresses
  • Be familiar with the discharge criteria for patients who have received procedural sedation


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