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This module provides the theory of mechanical ventilation, describing how mechanical ventilators work and how to manage mechanically ventilated patients. In order to become proficient at caring for the mechanically-ventilated patient, you would have to engage in supervised clinical practice.

Learning Objectives

After successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Examine the subjective and objective data that indicate the need for mechanical ventilation
  • Define the types of mechanical ventilators used for adult ventilation (volume vs. pressure cycled)
  • Identify modes of mechanical ventilation
  • Identify complications of mechanical ventilation
  • Identify strategies for the management of the patient requiring mechanical ventilation
  • Identify monitoring data in the care of a ventilated patient
  • Examine nursing care of patient and family associated with mechanical ventilation
  • Describe the concept of weaning a patient from mechanical ventilation
  • Describe the types of weaning procedures
  • Describe the data monitored while weaning a patient from mechanical ventilation
  • Analyze a case study of a mechanically ventilated patient


  Click here to view the references used in the pulmonary health challenges modules.
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