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This module prepares the nurse to care for culturally diverse patients who have critical illness; to examine ethical theories, issues and principles; and to identify legal and professional obligations of critical care nurses.

Learning Objectives!

After successful completion of this module, you will have an enhanced understanding of:

  • The lived experience of culturally diverse patients and their families
  • Your own ethno-cultural background, values, beliefs, and attitudes
  • Culturally-appropriate care
  • The typical ethical issues encountered in critical care units
  • The impact of personal and professional values and beliefs on experiences encountered in critical care units
  • How patient and family beliefs and values influence decisions made in critical care units
  • Legal liability related to critical care nursing
  • Legal philosophy and theory of liability
  • Legal significance of documentation in critical care
  • Common areas of critical care nurse's action that has resulted in negligence suits
  • Consent to treatment


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